USB 케이블 연장선 (USB Cable Extension - 1.5 Foot)
판매가격 : 3,300
상품코드 :[3441]HJK-SP-13309
배송일 :당일발송
제조사 :Sparkfun
브랜드 :SparkFun [브랜드몰 바로가기]
남은수량 : 9개
구매수량 :
총 금액 :
추가&대량구매 요청 053-588-4080

약 45cm의 USB 연장 케이블입니다. 

Description: This is a 1.5' long USB extension cable equipped with type A male connector on one end to plug into your computer and a type A female connector at the other that allows for a second USB cable to be inserted. This cable is perfect for adding a periphery that utilizes USB without having it plugged directly into your computer while not cluttering your work area with its excess length. We use this cable a lot with MicroViews, RFduinos, and USB Breakouts.

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