Grove 가습기 모듈 (Grove - Water Atomization v1.0)
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Grove - Water Atomization is a perfect module for you to develop an atomizer or an atomizer module in your applications easily. With just a few simple steps, you can prototype an atomizer. It has Grove interface which makes it easy to be integrated into plenty of applications. A humidifier is a basic device it can be built with, you can develop more advanced and interesting projects with digital scent technology and any other situations in which atomization required.
  • Heated with ultrasound.
  • Easy to prototype.
  • Well applied to vast projects.
  • For various interesting, smart and fashionable applications.
Application ideas:
  • Humidifier.
  • Scent emitter in different situations.
  • For smart-house applications.
Operating voltage
ripple(at Max power)≤100 mV
Max power2W
peak output voltage65±5V
Operating frequency105±5kHz
Chip ETA1617、NE555
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