Gravity 아두이노 메가,듀에 프로토 확장 쉴드 / Gravity: IO Sensor Shield For Arduino Mega Due
판매가격 : 26,400원 (부가세 포함)
상품코드 : [7631]ZAS-DFR-PTW-DFR0165
배송일 : 당일발송
제조사 : DFRobot
브랜드 : DFRobot [브랜드몰 바로가기]
남은수량 : 8개
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DFROBOT의 아두이노 메가 센서 쉴드는 메가 보드에 적층해서 다양한 센서와 무선 모듈과의 연동이 용이하게 만든 제품입니다.

세 개의 XBee/Bluetooth 모듈을 하나에 연결할 수 있고, 서보모터에 독립적인 전원을 넣을 수 있도록 Servo Power In 터미널이 있습니다.


Say goodbye to messy cables and clueless pluging/unpluging! This Mega Sensor Shield V2.4 is a powerful expansion shield  for Arduino Mega. It is large enough to carry up to 3 Xbee slots, 1 microSD slot and shield headers for most Arduino shields on the market. Besides, we also added a prototyping area for convenience and adaptability for customized projects. The breakouts for Digital pins are 14 to 53, Analog pins 6 to 15 and PWM pins 2 to 9. This shield can really be a major communications hub or "Mothership" for your projects. 

Each Xbee socket is connected to a different pin. Xbee socket 1 is connected to the main Serial port. While Xbee socket 2 to Serial1() and Xbee socket 3 to Serial2() on Arduino IDE.
The board has an integrated voltage regulator for 3.3v, a convenient reset push button topside and the standard on board LED that you can use for testing or debugging.

A external power connector for servos, as in other products of this family. If you need to power a large array of servos, use the screw terminals to connect your power supply and just drive it directly from your Mega.

The microSD will be great if you are planning on doing sensor monitoring for research and data gathering for your algorithms, increase your automatic systems performance with accumulated data.



·         Compatible with most Arduino shields

·         Compatible with Arduino Mega boards / DFRobot megaADK / Arduino megaADK

·         Extended TTL connection pins for four Serial ports

·         DIP prototyping area makes it easy to add more modules or electronic components

·         3 Xbee slots

·         1 microSD slot

·         Power switch between Arduino Mega or external

·         Size: 125 x 57 mm     


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·         Schematic

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·         Mega Sensor Shield V2.4 (Compatible with Arduino Mega)                x1


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