Grove 아두이노 I2C 미니 모터 드라이버 (Grove - I2C Mini Motor Driver)
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The Grove – Mini I2C motor driver is a very tiny motor driver with I2C interface, and it includes two motor driver chips - DRV8830, which helps you control two DC motors or winding of stepper motors on a small board simultaneously. 
With four solderable pads back of the board, you can change the I2C address of each motor driver easily. Especially, with the onboard protection circuit, the max limitation current of each channel can be adjusted from 0.2A to 1A, you can set a proper limitation current according to the load.
It can be used for battery-powered toys, printers, and other low-voltage or battery-powered motion control applications due to the features.
Also, Grove – Mini I2C motor driver is belong to Grove System, you can plug it onto the Base shield and work with Arduino directly without any jumper wires.
  • Tiny driver board
  • Two motor driver channels
  • Working Voltage : 2.75v – 6.8v
  • Changeable max limitation current
  • Grove compatible
  • I2C interface
  • Easy to use
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