1~12V DC모터 (Hobby Motor - Gear) / 아두이노 호환 / MEC-88456
판매가격 : 1,650원 (부가세 포함)
상품코드 : [11289]ZAS-24b-811192
배송일 : 당일발송
제조사 : OEM
브랜드 : 메카솔루션 [브랜드몰 바로가기]
남은수량 : 40개 이상
구매수량 :
총 금액 :
추가&대량구매 요청 053-588-4080

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DC 1V ~ 12V에서 작동하는 DC 모터입니다. 10tooth의 기어가 부착되어있으며, 속도 (RPM) ~6600±10% 을 지원합니다. 

(최대 12VDC 까지 입력 가능) 

Description: This is our new Hobby Motor now with a 6mm, 10 tooth, gear to make your basic projects a little simpler to manage. It works well for basic things like making a fan or spinning something pretty fast without much resistance.

The motor has a normal operating voltage range of 1.0 to 3.0VDC but can handle a max load of up to 12VDC and a no load speed of 6600±10% RPM (@1.0V DC, 110mA). More information is available in the spec sheet linked below.

Note: Thought the Datasheet for this Hobby Motor states a max voltage range of 3.0VDC, our supplier has ensured us that it can handle a max load of 12VDC.


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